Der Zug

nach dem Gedicht "Die Lokomotive" von Julian Tuwim


A train full of history

Pop-up Toy in the form of a train is an object that has the features of a toy and a book. The outstanding work of children’s poetry, written in 1938 by a Polish poet Julian Tuwim, has been translated into many languages. The work is characterized by rhythm that resembles a running train: first the moving locomotive is gaining momentum, then the whole train is speeding up, and finally it is moving at a staggering (for that time) speed. My “Locomotive” consists of 10 wagons and a locomotive, and the text of the poem is placed on the roofs of all objects. The toy made of a printed polypropylene film folds out from 8 cm to 168 cm. Tuwim describes passengers and transported goods in a very witty manner. The descriptions of wagons were faithfully illustrated with three-dimensional illustrations in all wagons and the locomotive. I know this poem from my childhood and reading it always recalls memories, which posed an additional motivation to create something innovative. I also started to collect editions of this work from different countries. 

handmade in Berlin